Dr. Shafford manages anesthesia for medically fragile pets.

She is a board certified specialist in veterinary anesthesia providing hands-on care to improve the safety of pets.

Why Us?

I am passionate about improving anesthesia safety for pets. I am a board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist who provides hands-on anesthesia care for medically fragile pets.  In addition, I consult with veterinarians about improving the safety of anesthesia for pets in their clinics.

Pet Owners

Pet owners seeking more information about Dr. Shafford and what Dr. Shafford will do for their pet needing dental surgery at the Animal Dental Clinic.

Consultation for Veterinarians

Veterinarians wanting to request a consultation regarding anesthesia for a pet in their care.

Services for Vets

We provide practical anesthesia solutions for veterinarians and their teams in the Portland, Oregon area through patient care, consultation, and training.