Knowledge Can Banish Fear.

Safe anesthesia involves knowledgeable drug choices and close patient monitoring and support of the pet before, during, and after anesthesia.

Healing is a matter of time, but also sometimes of opportunity.


Together we can create opportunities for health and well-being.

Be the One.

Be the one who knows a board-certified anesthesia specialist can minimize anesthetic risk. Be the one who knows about the highest standard of care available. Be the one who knows how to ease their fears.


Anesthesia and Dentistry

General anesthesia is recommended by the American Veterinary Dental College to maximize the benefits of dental care for your pet. Read more about why, and about what you can do to minimize anxiety around anesthesia. Learn more


Why Do I Need a Team?

Most veterinarians can handle anesthesia safely for a wide variety of pets and procedures. But if your pet is at increased risk, having a veterinary anesthesiologist on your team can help minimize risk. Learn more


Services for Vets

We provide practical anesthesia solutions for veterinarians and their teams in the Portland, Oregon area through patient care, consultation, and training. Learn more