For Pet Owners

Making Dr. Shafford part of your pet’s healthcare team is similar to adding a specialist like a urologist or an orthopedist to a human’s health care team. It’s an added level of expertise in addition to your veterinarian’s skill set.

Dr. Shafford is a specialist who has years of experience providing anesthesia care for:

  • Medically fragile pets
  • Breeds with increased risk of anesthetic complications, and
  • Pets undergoing high-risk surgeries

Dr. Shafford provides advanced anesthesia care for patients at the Animal Dental Clinic in Portland, Oregon.  She also provides anesthesia consultations by phone and email to help veterinarians and pet owners in other practices.


Benefits of involving Dr. Shafford in your pet’s care

  • Board-certified anesthesia specialist with 15+ years of anesthesia experience and expertise caring for your pet
  • Comprehensive anesthesia risk assessment and protocol selection
  • Continuous monitoring of your pet’s vital signs beginning before anesthesia begins, throughout the procedure, and into recovery
  • Advanced anesthesia and pain management techniques to reduce pain and speed your pet’s return to normal activity
  • Professional and compassionate communications and case follow-up