For Pet Owners

Making Dr. Shafford part of your pet’s healthcare team is similar to adding a specialist like a urologist or an orthopedist to a human’s health care team. It’s an added level of expertise in addition to your veterinarian’s skill set.

Dr. Shafford is a specialist who has years of experience providing anesthesia care for:

  • Medically fragile pets
  • Breeds with increased risk of anesthetic complications, and
  • Pets undergoing high-risk surgeries

Dr. Shafford is currently on sabbatical from clinical case management. Please talk with your veterinary team about how they are attending to your pet’s safety and well-being around anesthesia. If deemed appropriate, your pet’s veterinarian can reach out to Dr. Shafford for an anesthesia consultation.

Benefits of involving Dr. Shafford in your pet’s care

  • Board-certified anesthesia specialist with 15+ years of anesthesia experience and expertise caring for your pet
  • Comprehensive anesthesia risk assessment and protocol selection
  • Continuous monitoring of your pet’s vital signs beginning before anesthesia begins, throughout the procedure, and into recovery
  • Advanced anesthesia and pain management techniques to reduce pain and speed your pet’s return to normal activity
  • Professional and compassionate communications and case follow-up