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Become a part of the veterinary community that offers the highest standard of care available. Pets can receive specialist anesthesia care right in your clinic, in conjunction with the care they are already getting from you. Veterinary Anesthesia Specialists is mobile, providing direct anesthetic management for patients in the Portland Metro area and beyond.

Veterinary Anesthesia Specialists regularly provides state-of-the-art anesthetic care and training – a service that benefits the patient, the practice, the staff and the pet owner at:

Dr. Nancy Brock is a veterinary anesthesiologist engaged in private practice in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Drs. Shafford and Brock regularly team up to offer hands-on anesthesia and pain management workshops. Dr. Brock provides anesthesia phone consults for Veterinary Anesthesia Specialists when Dr. Shafford is not available.

We consider Supera Anesthesia to be a valuable asset to the veterinary anesthesia community. Supera Anesthesia is an Oregon-based company that is setting the standard for safety in veterinary anesthesia machines. Be sure to request their Safety Pop-off Valve and have peace of mind that your patients won’t suffer from an inadvertently closed pop-off valve.