About Us

Dr Heidi Shafford Veterinary AnesthesiologistDr. Heidi Shafford earned her DVM from Colorado State University in 2000. Following residency and graduate training in veterinary anesthesiology and physiology at the University of Missouri, she attained board certification by the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia in 2005.

Dr. Shafford is passionate about improving anesthesia safety, minimizing patient stress, and maximizing patient comfort. Inspired to take her anesthesia and pain management expertise into private practice, she started an anesthesia consulting practice in 2007. Dr. Shafford works with private practices and pet owners to enhance the comfort of all creatures through patient care, education, and consultation. Dr. Shafford anesthetizes patients in the Portland area, leads in-clinic workshops for veterinary teams, and advises veterinary practices on how they can improve their anesthesia protocols.

Originally from Alaska, Dr. Shafford has lived in Portland since 2007. She owns 2.5 cats* and 5 chickens, and in her free time, she enjoys flower gardening, hiking, and triathlons.

* That half-a-cat is a stray that is still his own cat!