Workshops and Seminars

Dr. Shafford routinely speaks at local, regional and national veterinary conferences. We are passionate about educating and building the confidence of the people who provide anesthetic and analgesic care on a daily basis: veterinarians and veterinary technicians. In-house workshops and seminars in the Portland, Oregon area are tailored to meet the needs of your team.  We emphasize problem solving and hands-on learning to enhance the training experience. Team members may receive approved Continuing Education credits for participation.

Popular workshop and seminar topics:

  • Anesthesia protocol design
  • Anesthetic considerations for dental patients
  • Blood pressure monitoring and management
  • Peri-operative pain management
  • Capnography
  • Advanced anesthetic and analgesic techniques
  • Recognition and treatment of anesthetic complications

Contact us if you are interested in having Dr. Shafford share her enthusiasm for anesthesia and pain management at your clinic or conference venue.