Veterinary Anesthesia Specialists, LLC is dedicated to improving anesthesia safety and comfort for animals.  We serve veterinary professionals and animal health care teams in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation, working with them to assess anesthesia and analgesia procedures, refine protocols for anesthesia and analgesia, and set up new anesthesia services.

Anesthesia & Analgesia Assessment

Our goal is to provide veterinary practices with a specific action plan for enhancing anesthetic and analgesic safety, efficiency, and patient care. We begin with an inventory of anesthetic-related equipment, review of anesthetic / analgesic drugs and procedures (including emergency response drug protocols), and review of medical records from patients that have recently received anesthesia / analgesia. Following these preliminary steps, a full day is spent observing anesthetic practices and interacting with staff – preferably on a busy surgical day. Our report highlights the strengths of current anesthetic / analgesic practices and makes specific recommendations for enhancing anesthesia and analgesia. Appendices provide supplemental materials related to equipment recommendations, assessment of pain, and routine maintenance of anesthetic machines.

Refinement of Anesthetic & Analgesic Protocols

We begin with a review of your patient population and the commonly performed procedures that require anesthesia and analgesia. Current protocols are evaluated for efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Suggestions for refining anesthetic, analgesic and emergency procedures are discussed with staff. Revised protocols can be incorporated into an Anesthesia Standard Operating Procedures manual.

Set-up for Anesthesia Service in New Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Shafford has years of experience guiding new hospitals through the process of deciding which anesthetic equipment and protocols will best suit their practice needs.  Call us to get expert insights into cost-effective means of setting up your hospital’s anesthesia service.

References are available upon request. Do not hesitate to contact us for details regarding additional consultation services.