Pain Management

Pain management case consultations are available on-site, by phone, or by email.

Dr. Shafford works with veterinary professionals to create a comprehensive plan to enhance comfort and quality of life for the patient in pain. Cases that may benefit from consultation and evaluation by Dr. Shafford include those with:

  • procedures associated with moderate to severe acute pain
  • animals with osteoarthritis that are no longer comfortable with NSAIDs alone
  • pain associated with cancer
  • neuropathic pain states resulting in hypersensitivity to non-painful stimuli
  • pain that does not respond to routine analgesic therapy.

Pharmacologic, physical, neutraceutical, environmental, and other complementary therapies are essential to pain management – particularly for the discomfort associated with chronic conditions and cancer. Dr. Shafford’s knowledge and skill in pain physiology and assessment make her a valuable addition to any pain management team.